Race/Event Apparel

2007 ISO Circle the City 5k

Sadly, this event vanished after a couple more years. This was my first ever running race. I had done a “Couch to 5k” program in the months leading up to this and signed up for this race as my “celebration” of finishing the program and to support the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. I remember it being a race I wanted to run all of, but ended up starting to fast and having to do the run/walk thing. It was a great race, though, and I love the design of this shirt so much that I’ve taken great care of it over the years. I just love how they created the “monument” on the shirt that at first glance looks just like the Soldier’s and Sailor’s momument downtown, and at closer look is actually a violin shape with a conductor-with-raised-baton on the top. Clever design.

2009 ISO Circle the City 5k

Either 2009 or the next year were the end of this race/run, which was sad because I was thinking of doing the 10k the “next” time. This was my husband’s first walk/run event, and we walked it together. We had made the commitment already to walk our first half marathon in 2010, so we were gearing up for that.

2010 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Our first half marathon after two years of volunteering at gear check for the event. We actually continued to volunteer all three years that we actually participated from 2010-2012. My husband worked for FedEx and so drove one of the gear check trucks down to the course. We got prime parking, and other volunteers actually worked in the truck while we were walking.

We also did the full training series for this first year, and had fantastic weather for every training race. The mini-marathon was actually chilly this year, I believe, but no rain. And the crowd and experience were definitely addicting. We signed up right away for the following year.

2011 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Our second year doing the half marathon. We signed up for the training series as well, but weren’t able to do the 10k for some reason, and then the 15k was our first experience with a race being black-flagged. We were stuck finishing the course on our on in a thunderstorm. It was not fun (though we and the rest of us stuck out there made the best of it), and it was decided we would not do the training series again. 😉 The Mini itself was pretty good, and I do believe this was the only year we got rained on partway in. I believe it was while we were at the track. I had a parka that I then discarded on the way out.

2012 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Our third mini-marathon, and our last (for a while) as it turned out. This one was a tough one for my husband (his own fault…he knew better than to wear new socks on race day). I felt great after this one, but then not five minutes after I crossed the finish line I lost my balance and went to step back to catch myself, and fell off a curb and cracked my ankle. It wasn’t a major break, but it hurt. I’m not actually sure why we didn’t sign up for the following year, but we didn’t.

2012 B&O Bicycle Tour

This was at least my second year doing this ride, but I did not purchase the jersey the first year. I had planned to ride the 25 or 40-mile route, but since I’d just cracked my ankle the month before (after the Mini) and was wearing a splint, I opted for the 12-mile route, and my husband joined me for the first time on the ride. I believe this was the first year that a portion of the trail was actually finally open for the ride. They spent years and years fund-raising and working on purchasing the land, so this was quite a happy day for the B&O Trail Association and the long-time supporters.

2014 B&O Bicycle Tour

Even more of the trail was open by the time this ride came along, and the jersey design was inspired by the murals they painted inside the Ronald Reagan bridge after graffiti had to be washed away. I didn’t actually get to ride in this ride. I was riding my bike on the way to the park where it begins when I was hit by a car. I spent the morning in the emergency room rather than out on the roads. Thankfully, I was not seriously injured, though it lengthened my hiatus from the the bike and pretty much any other form of exercise. I did manage to get the jersey delivered to my house, though, thanks to one of the organizers.

2017 500 Festival Miler Series

Finally got back to being more active after getting a new dog, a one-year-old shepherd mix who loves to run. I signed up for the Mini-Marathon again, as well as the Miler series and a YMCA training program. The Miler series was part of an umbrella challenge called “Mini Maniac.” Funny thing about the Miler Series this year was that the first race–the 3-miler in February–was the warmest weather of the bunch. The 10 miler was the coldest.

I battled injuries throughout the training program, but the 10-miler turned out to include a number of personal bests. It’s also the only one I actually managed to take my GoPro on (I’d bought the GoPro to accompany me on these events). It was still a great series, and a better experience than my last experience with the training series back in 2011.

2017 500 Festival Mini Marathon
and Mini Maniac Challenge

My first run/walk half marathon. I ended up unable to do any training at all the two weeks prior to the race, so I was really happy just to finish this one. I felt pretty good in the days after and none of the pain I’d been experiencing in the weeks of training returned. It was a really great experience to have done it, and I immediately signed up not only for the 2018 race (and a new challenge called “The Greatest Spectacle” challenge) but also for the Monumental Half Marathon in November.

I think my favorite part of this race–moreso than in past years doing it–was the Town of Speedway. They really come out for this event, cheering the runners and walkers on. I don’t remember that so vividly from past years, but it really struck me this year. Perhaps because other parts of the race were not so well supported by spectators as I remember from those previous years. But I really love how people come to Main St in Speedway and just cheer and celebrate. It’s awesome.


2017 Avon Race 4 Freedom

Just a fun little race on the fourth of July. I signed up for it, and then I signed up for my third half marathon of the year: the Indy Women’s Half in September.

This was a very hot and humid by 8:30 when the race started. It was a great run/walk, though. Then four days later I got a stress fracture in my foot that put any more training on hold…. It seems to be the year for injury. Just seeing what this 40-something is made of.

2017 Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon

I got the go-ahead from my foot doctor to do this race about four weeks before race weekend. I had time to get a 7 and 10 miler in before race day, and felt great. I was really looking forward to the route of this race, and I did finally bring my GoPro on a long running event. However, the route disappointed me a little bit. We did get some of the White River trail and we passed some townhouses that I just love. I also ended up getting injured during this race, and mostly walked the last half of it. I almost didn’t finish it, but I managed to make it. There is a question of whether or not I’ll make the Monumental now, though.