Kody Kam!

Well, we did it. We went out and bought a GoPro Hero5 Session. And we’ve created our first video, starring our little dog.

Kody is wearing the Fetch! dog harness by GoPro. I was a bit skeptical about it after reading some not-so-good reviews of it on Amazon (unstable, slips off, etc), but it was on clearance at Target so we picked it up. Getting it fitted right was a challenge initially, but we got it fitted and it survived an indoor play session and then an outdoor walk. It remains to be seen how it fairs in a walk/jog/run with me by his side, but so far no problems with it slipping around or coming off. It’s a bumpy ride, but it works!

We opted to mount it on his back for this walk. It there’s a chest mount as well which gives a view from below his chin, which is also pretty comical. We’ll save that for another video.