Kody Kam!

Well, we did it. We went out and bought a GoPro Hero5 Session. And we’ve created our first video, starring our little dog.

Kody is wearing the Fetch! dog harness by GoPro. I was a bit skeptical about it after reading some not-so-good reviews of it on Amazon (unstable, slips off, etc), but it was on clearance at Target so we picked it up. Getting it fitted right was a challenge initially, but we got it fitted and it survived an indoor play session and then an outdoor walk. It remains to be seen how it fairs in a walk/jog/run with me by his side, but so far no problems with it slipping around or coming off. It’s a bumpy ride, but it works!

We opted to mount it on his back for this walk. It there’s a chest mount as well which gives a view from below his chin, which is also pretty comical. We’ll save that for another video.

Getting off the couch

A side effect of having a very energetic dog is that it’s gotten us off our butts and onto the pavement more, walking morning, noon, and night sometimes. Kody is still young, so needs to be checked on during the day, and the best way to make sure he does his business is to take him for walks. So I’ve been coming home at lunch time to check on him for a few weeks, so that he doesn’t have any (more) accidents in his crate. He’s been a champ so far, and he loves to walk, and loves even more to run! He might even make me a runner! :-O

Dog park: First visit

When we first brought Kody home, he was very skittish towards strangers, and usually growled at them. This was cause for some concern. We decided to take him to the dog park to begin to socialize him with other dogs (and with people), and he had an absolute blast! The growling at strangers has stopped, and he’s a much more friendly and interested dog now, rather than stand-offish and skittish.

Even the spaz-dog is exhausted after that outing

Introducing Kody !!

It took almost a year, but we finally decided that our life was missing something, and that something was dogs. Persy (the kitty) has been missing something, too, but she’s no longer sure that dog was the answer. 😀

A lot of other things changed in the last year, and Kody is part of the beginning of a sort of reboot of my life.

Kody is a 9 month (or so) old Shepherd/CattleDog mix. He goes from sleep to spaz in 2 seconds. He weighs about 40 pounds, and is still growing. Here are some pictures of his first day with us.

Goodbye Kozmo :'(

While we knew the end was near, it ended up coming very suddenly. Kozmo had not been the same since Cierdwyn’s death, but he’d actually been on the downhill slope for quite some time. The last checkup with the vet gave us a mile-long list of the things that were wrong in our old boy, but could really be narrowed down to two words: old age. He’d had one kidney since he was six years old, after a scary tumor removal saved his life but took a kidney. He’s been battling hip dysplasia since then, too. Long-term rimadyl use and one kidney takes its tole.

He was a well-loved doggie, and spent his last days loving life and trying to make us happy, all the way up to the end. We will miss him.

Kozmo & Persy

These are the last photos we have of Kozmo, about a month after we lost Cierdwyn. Persy had become very attached to him, and to us, after we lost Cierdwyn. We then lost Kozmo in early December.

Goodbye Cierdwyn

Cierdwyn’s bout with cancer finally came to an end. She woke up this day unable to walk more than a few steps and totally disinterested in eating or drinking. When this girl with her insatiable appetite won’t even eat her favorite cookies, you know it’s the end. Kozmo also had a very, very rough day, and we thought for a bit we would lose both of them this day.