About Me

I am not a runner.

I started running using a Couch to 5k program in 2007 mostly because it was increasingly difficult to find time to bicycle, and I hated riding in the wind. But at that time I was a bicyclist by choice. Then life got in the way and other things took priority for a while (much to the detriment of my waistline…..)

In 2008, my husband asked me if I wanted to help him volunteer for gear-check for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. The hardest part for us would be getting up about 3:00 AM to drive a truck downtown before the runners (and walkers) arrived to check their gear before the race. I was game, and so we did it, and it was much more fun than I would have thought. Watching the participants that year, and again the next, led us to enter our first Mini-Marathon in 2010, as walkers.

Our first year was our best, finishing in around 3 hours and 40 minutes. No restroom breaks on that one. Our second year had a couple of restroom breaks and we finished a little worse. The third year I felt great but my husband made the mistake of wearing new socks and fought with blisters most of the way. We finished in over 4 hours, and about two minutes after we crossed the finish line I lost my balance and in the process of catching myself I slipped off a curb and broke my ankle. At least it was after the finish!

2012-2016 then had a bunch of challenges for us, including me getting hit by a car while out on my bike, and then my husband being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. We lost two cats and two dogs between 2014-2015, and then I lost my father in 2016. It was some rough times.

But 2017 dawned and we’re still here. We adopted a new dog in October of 2016, and I decided to take up running again (at age 46). As motivation, I signed myself up again for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon and the Miler training series. My husband opted out. Then he again watched the race from the sidelines, and he and I both signed up for 2018. I’m also attempting a few other races in the coming months, hoping to keep fit and make running (both with and without my dogs–yes, we’ve adopted a second) a part of my life.