Second visit to Fast Track for my leg. First did the hamstring exercise he had given me for homework, then we did some squats, because the glutes are such an important muscle in running. He said that he’d watched the video of my running again and noticed that I lean forward a bit, which brings the momentum down rather than forward. Matt (the coach) had also mentioned that it looked like I was bent a bit forward. I don’t feel like I’m bent forward, but my quads and hip flexors are so tight that I have a natural forward bend at my hips, even when I’m standing straight. So, this put the focus on stretching the hip flexors daily. He says it’s fixable, though I have my doubts. He says everything is fixable, age has nothing to do with it. We’ll see!

So, I spent some time stretching, and then doing more squats with dumbbells. (I didn’t even think until later that I was able to hold the dumbbells with no problem, even with my bad arm. Progress there, too!) He also had me do some adductor leg raises, always my favorite exercise. (Haha….) Then he had me change into some shorts so that he could do some actual work on the muscles.

I don’t know what he did exactly (I couldn’t really see), but he focused right on the muscles at the very upper of the back my inner leg. It was just the right spot. He could tell from his instruments, and I could tell by how it felt. Then he also did cupping therapy there. He promised it was not the sort that would give me those awful red marks the Olympians┬áhad! But it would help. I’m really not sure if it had any effect itself, but something did. I pretty immediately felt that ache I’d been feeling for a week since I’d tried running again had gone away, and it did not come back for the rest of the day.

I had another physical therapy appointment for my arm a couple of hours later. Between the two I felt like I had gotten a pretty good full-body workout for the first time in a month.

I am back to walking the dogs. Because I’d been so sore I asked Andy if I should be walking, and he said I most definitely should be. I need to get back on my feet, get the legs moving again, get my joints used to pounding a bit before I get back to running. I am really hoping now that come Jan 1 I can be back to it. Even if it will be cold.