Fast Track: Getting back on my feet

First appointment with Andy at Fast Track Physical Therapy has me very hopeful that this will work. My arm/shoulder is still healing from my fall, so I’m a little limited what I can do. This first appointment was an overall evaluation.

The best thing about Andy is that he is a runner, and he runs marathons, so he knows exactly where I’m coming from and understands where I want to go (and that I want to go there sooner rather than later). First, we talked for a bit about my history and about my goals. He has a “back to run” training plan that I can follow once I’m back up and at it. He had me run a bit and recorded it to look at my form. He measured my feet and concluded that I don’t have any issues there that are worrisome. He did note that I am a pretty strong heel striker. I know I land on the heel, but I didn’t realize it was that pronounced. Then again, since I haven’t been running some of the things I started to do (shortening stride, increasing cadence) are not natural anymore, so I was running slower than usual. But he said this is something we can address down the line.

He then did a physical evaluation, moving my leg, making me resist to see where it hurts. When he had me lay on my belly, knee bent and foot in the air, and then he told me to resist him pulling my foot down, and it hurt, I remembered something I’d forgotten to tell him. It’s something I’d completely forgotten about. A couple days before that race I had done deadlifts. The weight had been light, but I overstretched (as I am prone to do), and I was a little bit sore the day before the race. I told him that, and that helped him to know what I had done, and what to do. Everything he described fit in exactly with the conclusions I’d made myself. I’d injured the hamstring or adductors right up at the top where muscle and tendon meet. The pain I feel is high up in the groin, near the pubic bone, more rear than front. The most annoying thing about it is there’s no pain to the touch, no stretch touches it, but I feel it very clearly when I run.

Andy gave me exercises to do at home, focusing on hamstrings, abductors, and stretching the front of the upper leg. Stretching seems to help a lot. I am a little sore from trying to run again. 🙁