2018 Goals

So, as 2017 begins to draw to a close, there were many achieved goals, and some that I failed to achieve. I was unable to run either the Ft. Ben 5k or the Monumental Half Marathon due to the injury I sustained during the Women’s Half Marathon. That was a huge disappointment, as those were the races I was really aiming to finish. However, I have continued to work out and try and improve my health and fitness. November brings to an end my six months of personal training. I am hoping to start December, or perhaps the new year, with a running coach in an effort to improve my fitness and stay injury-free. Races for 2018 that I am already signed up for are the 500 Festival Miler Series (3, 6, and 10 mile races) and both the 500 Festival 5k and Mini Marathon in May. A race that I am considering as a sort of training race is the Carmel Half Marathon in April. And then later in the year, again, I hope to do both the Ft Ben and Monumental Hal Marathons. That is my goal.