Bike Cam: B&O Trail

We actually bought the GoPro a few days ago, and I’ve been testing it out to see how it will work on longer walks/runs/rides. I’d like to be able to take it with me on the Mini Marathon next month, but I’ll have to find a way to assist the battery life, since the camera itself only has a 1-2 hour battery, depending on the settings.

I took it on its first bike ride on Saturday. My second bike ride of the year. I’ve been battling injuries in the mini training, so a bike ride was in order to keep my cardio up while I try and let my ankles and shins heal before the 10 mile race (part of the OrthoIndy Miler Series) next weekend. This will be the final training race before the mini itself!

On this ride I used the Chesty Chest Harness Mount for the GoPro. Not the ideal mount to have used, as you can see, but it was an interesting view. I’ve ordered a helmet mount and I also have a handlebar mount, but the chest mount was the most convenient at the time. I’m hoping to also use it for the 10 mile run on Saturday.

The B&O Trail is a trail-in-progress through Hendricks County. The GoPro battery died early, so I only ended up doing part of the trail. More to come in the future (I hope!).

Kody Kam!

Well, we did it. We went out and bought a GoPro Hero5 Session. And we’ve created our first video, starring our little dog.

Kody is wearing the Fetch! dog harness by GoPro. I was a bit skeptical about it after reading some not-so-good reviews of it on Amazon (unstable, slips off, etc), but it was on clearance at Target so we picked it up. Getting it fitted right was a challenge initially, but we got it fitted and it survived an indoor play session and then an outdoor walk. It remains to be seen how it fairs in a walk/jog/run with me by his side, but so far no problems with it slipping around or coming off. It’s a bumpy ride, but it works!

We opted to mount it on his back for this walk. It there’s a chest mount as well which gives a view from below his chin, which is also pretty comical. We’ll save that for another video.