Vegan athlete

In getting off the couch and getting fit again, and training for a mini-marathon, the fact that I’m vegan is becoming a challenge. Long ago I kept a vegan food blog, mixed with my running and cycling adventures. That’s when I was new to veganism, and about 10 years younger. Now I’ve been vegan for 10 years and have developed not only some (maybe not so good) habits, but it’s also to the point that I just don’t think about what I eat. And I think I need to.

In searching for help I came across this site: How to Become a Vegan Athlete. This is something I will have to look at as time goes on.

Apple Watch: Nike+ Edition

So I got an Apple Watch. Decided to do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Internal GPS so that I don’t have to carry the phone with me
  2. Waterproof so that I can swim with it (if I ever decide to swim again)

I decided to get the Nike+ edition of the Apple Watch 2, with the white band. It doesn’t look quite as huge on my wrist as I feared it would (I got the smaller one), and the band fits better on me than the FitBit Charge 2 band that I got (which was a small, but is huge!).

So, now I have the ability to run/walk without having the phone with me. I have an iPhone 6, but it’s proved to be very, very unreliable with battery life. This should make tracking my runs/walks much easier.