500 Festival Mini Marathon

Well, I did it. I signed up for the mini marathon. It won’t be the first time I’ve done it, Steve and  I did it three years in a row from 2010-2012. I broke my ankle shortly after crossing the finish line in 2012 and haven’t done it since! (There is no actual connection there. 😀 )  2012-2015 were rough years for us physically and emotionally, between our own and family health issues. But now is the time to get back to a better, more healthy lifestyle.

I intend to run more of the mini this year, if all goes well. Steve and I only walked. We’ve also joined the local YMCA which has a pool, and Steve will be using that while I work on the running and bicycling, which are my preference. I’m also planning on doing a training program for the mini that the YMCA is organizing, as well as the OrthoIndy Miler series, which consists of a 3, 6, and 10 mile race, four weeks apart, in preparation for the mini. We’ll see how it goes!

What’s funny about this is…I’m starting to run so that I can run with Kody, and yet he won’t be allowed to join me on these runs! I will have to make sure and keep him in shape, too. 😀

Getting off the couch

A side effect of having a very energetic dog is that it’s gotten us off our butts and onto the pavement more, walking morning, noon, and night sometimes. Kody is still young, so needs to be checked on during the day, and the best way to make sure he does his business is to take him for walks. So I’ve been coming home at lunch time to check on him for a few weeks, so that he doesn’t have any (more) accidents in his crate. He’s been a champ so far, and he loves to walk, and loves even more to run! He might even make me a runner! :-O

Fitbit Charge 2

I’ve had a FitBit for many years, and I just bought the Charge HR last year for the heartrate function (I had a Fitbit Flex before that). For the most part I loved it, but it was missing a couple of things. When I noticed that the Charge 2 has those things, I decided a new FitBit was in order.

I love it. It’s keeping me far more active, and it’s tracking my steps and stairs much more accurately than the old one did. It’s also very good about auto-recognizing exercise (though it tends to count my fast walks as elliptical, for some reason). The two things I like about it most are the move reminder and the breathe function, though I wish there was a reminder for that as well. The app can do the GPS tracking, but sadly I still need the phone with me to use that function. I’m all in all really happy with it. I like to track my exercise, it’s gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Even though the dog tends to slow me down a bit. (At my slow pace, it’s because he’s bored. If I’d go faster, he’d have something to do!)  😉