Dog park: First visit

When we first brought Kody home, he was very skittish towards strangers, and usually growled at them. This was cause for some concern. We decided to take him to the dog park to begin to socialize him with other dogs (and with people), and he had an absolute blast! The growling at strangers has stopped, and he’s a much more friendly and interested dog now, rather than stand-offish and skittish.

Even the spaz-dog is exhausted after that outing

Introducing Kody !!

It took almost a year, but we finally decided that our life was missing something, and that something was dogs. Persy (the kitty) has been missing something, too, but she’s no longer sure that dog was the answer. 😀

A lot of other things changed in the last year, and Kody is part of the beginning of a sort of reboot of my life.

Kody is a 9 month (or so) old Shepherd/CattleDog mix. He goes from sleep to spaz in 2 seconds. He weighs about 40 pounds, and is still growing. Here are some pictures of his first day with us.